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At Potomac Radiation Oncology Center, we know how overwhelming a cancer diagnosis can be.

We are the first cancer treatment center in Prince William County in Northern Virginia with the state-of-the-art Trilogy™ Linear Accelerator and Imaging System from Varian Medical Systems, delivering precise and powerful cancer treatment. Our experienced team develops individualized cancer treatment plans and provides expert radiation treatment and support every step of the way.

Breast Cancer

At Potomac Radiation Oncology we treat all types of breast cancers, and also provide Intra Operative Radiation Therapy Treatments.

Gynecological Cancer

Members of the Potomac Radiation Oncology team are experts at administering radiation therapies used to treat gynecological cancers.

Prostate Cancer

One of the most common cancers in men, At Potomac Radiation Oncology we are well equipped to handle the needs of our patients.

Head and Neck Cancer

With our well trained staff of nurses and dieticians, we will make sure all of your nutritional needs are met during your radiation treatments.

Skin Cancer

Most skin cancers can be treated very easily with radiation with little to no side effects.

Brain Tumors With Metastases

At Potomac Radiation Oncology we are capable of treating brain lesions.

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